Only 10% of the world’s poor can access vital financial services. This exposes them to sudden, unexpected risks, such as illness or drought. Financial services such as savings, insurance and asset leasing tailored to rural markets can improve the safety net of millions of people and enable productive investments in small enterprises.


Zoona provides affordable financial services such as money transfers, savings, credit and bill payments to predominantly unbanked customers in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Zoona provides these services to over one million customers through a network of agents who operate thousands of outlets.

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Tulaa is a simple and easy mobile money solution that allows smallholder farmers to lay-away and borrow money to purchase the right inputs at the right time. Tulaa brings together input suppliers, financial institutions and farmers in a virtual marketplace to provide a new way for rural communities to get what they want, when they need it.

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Equity for Tanzania

EFTA is a Tanzanian finance company which provides capacity building support and innovative leases in the range US$2,000 - US$50,000 (averaging US$24,000 per investment) to micro-enterprises primarily in the agricultural value chain.

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Rent to Own

Rent to Own (RTO) provides high-impact assets to micro-entrepreneurs in rural Zambia. These assets (such as refrigerators, hammer mills and irrigation pumps) help catalyze business growth and improvement in prosperity for clients who do not have access to such equipment in underdeveloped and disadvantaged communities.

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MEDEEM provides an innovative and affordable solution to formalizing land rights for the world’s poor. MEDEEM’s mission is to bridge the legal empowerment gap between informal land holding and formal land registration. MEDEEM is headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia.

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ACRE Africa

By combining technical product design, stakeholder coordination and business development, Acre Africa occupies a unique position in the agricultural insurance value chain. The company works directly to improve the capacity of local insurance companies to add index products to their portfolios using its actuarial and product development expertise. The team also collaborates with local agricultural organizations to tailor and implement insurance products.

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People's Pension Trust ghana

Over 80% of the people in Ghana are not prepared for their retirement. Because they work in the informal sector as entrepreneur, they do not have the possibility to save for their pension. This results in people falling back into poverty after they have to stop working because of their age. People’s Pension Trust Ghana is micro pension company in Ghana which helps people to save money for their retirement.

Umati Capital

Umati is a start-up financial services company focused on providing the provision of credit within agri-business supply chains, retailer value chains and fast moving consumer goods manufacturers. We leverage proprietary technology to provide branchless financial services to small scale suppliers, trading companies and industrial processors.

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AfricInvest Financial Sector Fund

Africinvest Financial Sector Fund is a private equity and venture capital fund specializing in early stage investments. The fund seeks to invest in the financial sector with a focus on small financial institutions. It prefers to invest in Sub-Saharan Africa. The investment size ranges from €1 million ($1.42 million) to €2 million ($2.86 million) with a possibility to reach larger amounts through co-investment with other partners.

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