AHL benefits when the entire venture ecosystem (incubators, accelerators, startups, other investors, government support mechanisms and industry associations) gain strength. Ambatana, the Swahili word for "walking/moving together," reminds us that we're stronger when we work with others towards a common cause. AHL lives this principle by supporting the impact investment ecosystem in Africa and by ensuring every deal we do is win-win.


The principle of Huduma is ingrained in many cultures across East and Southern African. Meaning "service" in Swahili, huduma is why we align our investments along the efficient-impact frontier. We're privileged to be entrusted with financial resources to invest in African businesses. With this privilege comes our duty to maximize the social, economic and environmental impact of our investments - while providing healthy financial return to our LP's.


Legeza is a poetic word. On farms across East Africa it is used to describe the act of releasing one's livestock from their confines. Swahili for "unleash or untether," legaza symbolizes the AHL's role in unleashing the potential of the African economy. Long penned in, it's time to give African entrepreneurs the freedom and resources needed to flourish.