Eva Lundin

Ms. Lundin was born in 1934 in Stockholm, Sweden. She completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Vermont, USA. Married for almost 50 years to Adolf H. Lundin, she has two sons, two daughters and twelve grandchildren. Ms. Lundin has been a successful horse breeder since 1975 and is presently active in the art market through the Swedish auction house Bukowski Auktioner, of which the family is the owner. She is a frequent visitor to Africa and plays an active role overseeing the activities of the Foundation.

dr. Peter goop

Dr. Peter Goop is a senior partner of the well-renowned law firm Marxer & Partner, and lives in Liechtenstein. In his professional capacity, he has accumulated a wealth of experience structuring and advising entities with a charitable purpose. Dr. Goop was formerly President of the Liechtenstein Museum for Contemporary Art and the Art School in

Liechtenstein. He currently serves as a Special Advisor and/or Board Member with several charities based in Liechtenstein, and is active on an international level in the fields of science, culture and supporting the disadvantaged.

Jesús Cortés

Mr. Cortés studied law and obtained his legal credentials in Switzerland in 1998. Mr Cortes joined Marxer & Partner in 2003, where he advises on the management of companies, foundations and trusts. Mr. Cortés is member of the board of several charitable foundations which are active worldwide.