mona lundin hamilton

Ms. Lundin Hamilton holds a Master’s Degree in Earth Science from the University of Geneva. She was an exploration geologist based in Dubai and Houston between 1988 and 1995, and was involved actively in projects in Algeria, Vietnam, Bolivia and Argentina. Married with three children, Ms. Lundin Hamilton has developed a number of independent real estate projects and is also a dressage horse rider at the national level in France. Since 2009, she has served as a Member of the Board of Trustees of the African Wildlife Foundation.

Nicola mordasini lundin

Ms. Mordasini Lundin has a certificate of the International School of Geneva. She has additionallycompleted training with Odlum Brown’s Research and Customer Relations departments. Married in 1986 and raising her children in Geneva, Ms. Mordasini Lundin is actively involved in horse breeding and competition.She has served as a Board Member of Fertilo Agropecuaria since 2008.

Mr. Azrac studied engineering at the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL) and business administration at HEC in Lausanne, Switzerland. Following graduation, he worked as a consultant for several major automobile manufacturers and their brand divisions. He then joined Banque Paribas (Suisse) SA, Geneva, in 1997, where he co-managed the Parvest Switzerland investment fund and then assumed the position of portfolio advisor. Mr. Azrac next joined Ferrier Lullin & Cie, Geneva, in 2001, where he had specific management responsibility for Swiss and foreign private client portfolios. He left the bank in 2006, to co-found 1875 Finance SA, where he now serves as Senior Partner.

Aksel azrac

Ms. Gertsch Pfyffer studied History, Chinese and Russian at the University of Geneva. She worked in a wealth management office for five years before joining the office of Adolf H. Lundin for whom she worked for 20 years. Since 2006 she has been working for the Lundin family office and is a Director of Lundin SA.

Fabienne Gertsch Pfyffer

Mr. Nairne has served as the Adolf H. Lundin Charitable Foundation’s (AHLCF) Managing Director since 2008. He serves on the Advisory Board of several SME funds and companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and is concurrently an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia, where he teaches courses on Country and Project Risk Analysis in Developing Countries and African Political Economy. Prior to joining the AHLCF, Mr. Nairne served as Deputy Director with Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade’s Pacific Office and as Senior Political Risk Analyst at Export Development Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University and a Master of Arts from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University.

Stephen Nairne